• Newest member. Newest member. Mini Dachshund named 'Sena' who is now 6 months old
  • Sofa take over! Sofa take over! Elly and Sena always take over the sofa.
  • Dog sofa-bed! Dog sofa-bed! I think they think they're human!
  • Too high to jump off for me! Too high to jump off for me! Legs are too short to jump off from this height.
  • Studying English? Studying English? Reading English word cards.
  • Take for a walk time. Take for a walk time. Doesn't obey commands yet and doesn't come when called. I carry outside in my shoulder bag and take out at the park.
  • Shiro Chan Shiro Chan Hanaka & Wakana's white rabbit.
  • Indy Indy She's over 10 years old and sleeps all day.
  • My Black Labrador Elly. My Black Labrador Elly. She's giving me the eye.
  • SAF & Indy SAF & Indy Saf who has passed away welcomed Indy into our family.
  • Saf Saf His favorite chair even when we are not camping.
  • Saf & Elly Saf & Elly Saf took Elly in as his own daughter.
  • Mel Mel A mini rabbit with chubby cheeks.
  • Kuro Chan Kuro Chan The 2nd rabbit of Hanaka & Wakana.
  • Indy on my work chair Indy on my work chair When ever I get up from the chair, Indy takes it over!
  • Splash! Splash! She's diving into the water going after a ball that I threw into the river.
  • Cat & Mouse Cat & Mouse This is Foxy who likes to sit on my desk when I work on the computer.
  • Here's your slipper! Here's your slipper! Whenever I get home, she's always waiting with one of my slippers in her mouth.
  • I got it. I got it. She'd make a good outfielder for any baseball team.
  • Left-side profile Left-side profile Her normal expression when looking at something interesting.
  • Let's go! Let's go! She's waiting for me to catch up.
  • Hurry Up & Throw the Ball! Hurry Up & Throw the Ball! Waiting for me to throw the ball. I call her 'water dog'.
  • Big Yawn! Big Yawn! I caught her yawning while resting during a walk.
  • Delicious! Delicious! Eating or sharping her teeth?
  • My buddy Elly My buddy Elly In celebration of National dog day.

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