'Fuji Excursion' direct train from Tokyo to foot of Mt. Fuji


TOKYO -- A limited express train service connecting Shinjuku and Kawaguchiko stations will debut this coming March, mainly targeting inbound tourists looking to travel directly from Tokyo to enjoy views of Mount Fuji.

Dubbed the "Fuji Excursion," the service will connect Tokyo's Shinjuku Station and Kawaguchiko Station on Fuji Kyuko's Kawaguchiko Line in Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji, Japan's highest and most famous peak.

The launch of the new service will come as part of revisions to the train schedules of the seven Japan Railway group companies on March 16, 2019. The outline of the updated timetable was released on Dec. 14.














limited express: 特急列車
connecting: つながっている
debut: 初めて出る、デビューする
targeting: 〜向けの[をターゲットにした]
inbound tourists: 外国から来る旅行者
looking to: 〜を心待ちにしている
dubbed: 〜とあだ名をつけられている.

Kawaguchiko Line: 河口湖線

most famous peak: もっとも有名な山
launch: 新サービス開始する
revisions: 変更する
outline: 述べた.
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